November 15, 2018

SNAP and Farmers Markets NDG Update

Hello SNAP and Farmers Market Workgroup,


Over the past few weeks and months there has been various information circulating about the future of SNAP at farmers markets with the announcement that Novo Dia Group would cease operations. FNS and other stakeholders are continuing to explore options so that markets and farmers using the Mobile Market Plus app can continue to accept SNAP. As there has still been some confusion on the continued ability of markets and farmers to accept SNAP, we wanted to send a short update and Q&A document to help field some of these questions that many of you have had and/or receive.


The attached document contains a very brief update on where we are currently at and the common questions and answers that we have received. Please feel free to share with your networks. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have further questions. Maintaining continuity beyond February 2019 is a priority for FNS.





Jacqueline Higgins

Program Analyst

Retailer Management and Issuance Branch

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

(703) 305-4371 |

Farmers Market Update Nov 2018

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