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” How to Leverage your POS Data to Increase Sales and Gross Margins”

Let’s dig into your POS data and discover some hidden insights that could help you increase your sales per square foot and grow your gross margins. We’ll look at product popularity (and unpopularity!), and examine how product popularity affects each department’s gross margin and your market’s overall weighted average gross margin. Along the way we’ll […]

Retail Metrics for Farmers and Markets

“Lunch & Learn” Webinar with Darlene Wolnik: To a fault, the retail sector observes and counts everything, using that data to re-form their sales space regularly and in some cases, using the results to redesign their entire business model. Nothing about the design of a retail space should be sacred.

“Data Collection & Analysis For Improving Markets” webinar recording

Allison Czapp from Buy Fresh Buy Local-Greater Lehigh Valley talks about her experience using Rapid Market Assessment (RMA) techniques to collect customer shopping and demographic data at seven farmers markets in Northampton County. Allison will discuss data collection methodology and limitations, as well as tips for getting good response rates, data analysis and ways to […]

“Passion Meets Profits” webinar

Rebecca Frimmer from Kitchen Table Consultants shows us who we can use accounting and bookkeeping to identify where our profits are.  

Creating a Farmers Market Living Lab

The Historic Lewes Farmers Market in Delaware Asked the “What can we do to increase sales and attendance at our market?” and here is what they found. HLFM-Report-spreads

The Psychographics of Direct To Consumer Sales

Darlene Wolnik focuses on the world of “retail anthropology” and how to understand the demographics and behavior of shoppers. Here is the “mystery shopper” tool refereed to in the webinar: MF-Mystery Shop  

KTC Rolling Cash Flow Template

KTC Rolling cash flow template https://Topic: Best Practices for Farm Market Accounting and Cash Flow Start Time : Jan 15, 2019 11:28 Meeting Recording:  

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Building an On-Farm Market

  Topic: Building an On-Farm Retail Market Start Time : Aug 15, 2018 11:46 Meeting Recording:

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