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Licenses & License Fees for Transient Retail

There is a growing concern regarding boroughs and towns wanting to charge mercantile or transient retail fees to farmers market vendors. There are exceptions and farmers and some producers fall under the exemptions. Title 8 – PA General Assembly

PLCB requirements for selling beer, wine, & spirits at farmers markets

Urban Agriculture A Guide for Municipalities

In response to the increasing interest in urban agriculture, the University of Pittsburgh Institute of Politics and the Allegheny County Conservation District worked together to form the Urban Agriculture Special Committee, which developed the following guide. The purpose of this guide is to explain the benefits of urban agriculture activities and how to add permissive […]

Requirements for Selling Eggs

Many individuals with small flocks of laying hens prefer to market their own eggs. If an egg producer has less than 3,000 laying hens and sells eggs within five days from the date of lay and sells eggs predominately within a 100 mile radius of their production or processing facility, then the following summary of […]

PA Department of Ag – Poultry & Rabbit Slaughter Requirements

Below is a PDF document that contains a list of requirements for poultry & rabbit slaughter in PA. Click here to download the PDF

Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA)

The FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) enables all involved to better protect public health by strengthening the food safety system. The FSMA builds a formal system of collaboration with other government agencies, both domestic and foreign. In doing so, the statute explicitly recognizes that all food safety agencies need to work together in an […]

Local Health Departments in PA

All foods sold at a farmers market stand must be from an approved food producer/source.  Review the below FAQs for details.  To apply for a Retail Food License please complete the “Application Packet-Farmers Markets”.  If a Farmers Market is located in a Local Health jurisdiction, please contact that jurisdiction directly for licensing requirements. Click Here To Download A List […]

PA Department of Agriculture Farmers Market Guidelines

All Farmers Market Vendors, with a few exceptions, must obtain a Retail Food License and be under inspection to operate a food facility of any kind at a farmers market, whether the market is indoor or outside. Each individual stand is considered its own retail food facility and must obtain its own license to operate. […]

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