Becoming A PA Farm Markets Member

Below you will find a list of instructions on how to pay, sign up, and become a PA Farm Markets member!

If You do not wish to sign up online, simply print this membership form and send it in with your check.

1.Starting the Process

Click here to fill out the initial member sign up form. This form is for PA Farm Markets' use only. At the bottom of the form you'll see a checkbox. It's very important that you read this section fully and agree to the terms of your membership.

2.Proceed to Payment

Once the form is submitted you'll be taken to a page with with your customized PayPal button. Click that button and you'll be directed to PayPal where you can pay with a debit or credit card.

3.You Have to Create an Account

Chances are you don't already have a PayPal account. If that is the case, you will want to select the small button in the bottom right hand corner that says "No PayPal account? Pay using your credit or debit card". You will click the link to proceed (see screenshot below).

4.Fill in your info

This is the easy part!


5. Get an email & register

Once you have submitted your information to PayPal, you will receive an email from PA Farm Markets! Click the link that is provided in the email. You will then be taken to our private registration page. Simply fill in your information as best as you can (don't worry, you can update or edit this information later). Click submit!


You're officially a PA Farm Markets member!


If you have any questions or problems registering, please feel free to contact us here.

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