Building an On-Farm Market

This "Lunch & Learn" webinar is an overview of things to consider if you are thinking of building a market on your farm.

Is a Farm Market Right for Me?

A worksheet from Kitchen Table Consultants that asks questions to determine if a retail farm market is right for you.

New Farm Market Budget Template

A great worksheet from Kitchen Table Consultants to project sales for a new or existing farm market.

“Market Minute” – Dreyer Farms

Dreyer Farms was an exciting stop on the 2018 "Are You Crazy?" Retail Farm Market Tour!

“Market Minute” – Oley Valley Organics

Successes and challenges of this 18 month old retail farm market, Oley Valley Organics goes from a roadside stand to a retail store.

Tips for Selling at: Roadside Stands

This tip sheet from NCAT gives useful suggestions for selling at a roadside stand.

Road Side Stand Marketing of Fruits and Vegetables

The purpose of this publication is to provide roadside stand marketing information for people interested in marketing directly to consumers.

A General Guide to Pricing for Direct Farm Marketers and Value-Added Agricultural Entrepreneurs

Producers often base prices on a single factor or resort to the equivalent of picking a price out of a hat.

Farmers Market Legal Toolkit

This Toolkit includes case studies highlighting real experiences from markets around the country that illustrate specific legal issues.

Farmers Market Coalition Member Benefits and Sign In

This is the link for PA Farm Markets members to the Farmers Market Coalition member benefits.

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