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Is a Farm Market Right for Me?

Is a Farm Market Right for Me Questionnaire

New Farm Market Budget Template

New Farm Market Budget Template (1) Is a Farm Market Right for Me Questionnaire

Tips for Selling at: Roadside Stands

Click here to download roadsidetipsheet

Road Side Stand Marketing of Fruits and Vegetables

Producers are looking for alternative ways to market their produce to increase farm income. Marketing directly to consumers through a roadside stand provides the opportunity to increase farm income and offers consumers access to fresher, higher quality foods. Freshness is important in consumers purchasing decisions. One possible explanation for the freshness issue is that today, […]

A General Guide to Pricing for Direct Farm Marketers and Value-Added Agricultural Entrepreneurs

Establishing product prices is a challenge for most direct farm marketers and value-added agricultural entrepreneurs. Producers often base prices on a single factor or resort to the equivalent of picking a price out of a hat. Yet pricing is an important decision that directly impacts the potential of the business to meet goals and ultimately […]

Northampton County Farmers Markets Infographic

In 2017, Buy Fresh, Buy Local Greater Lehigh Valley did Rapid Market Assessments for all 8 of Northampton County’s farmers markets. The assessments were conducted 3 times over the season for each market. The data collected resulted in an infographic that shows who is shopping, how often and most importantly, what’s the economic activity the […]

Food Safety at Farmers Markets

The purpose of this resource page is to maintain the safety of Rhode Island locally grown crops sold at markets and there by ensuring economic viability of RI farmers by decreasing the risk of food borne illnesses to consumers. Click here to view all resources

The Mighty Market Manager

The ideal Farmers Market Manager candidate is a detailā€oriented, big thinker with experience as an event organizer, attitude of a diplomat, eye of an artist, ethic of a judge, entrepreneurial spirit, with the endurance of a marathoner; and believes duct tape can fix most things. Also has a passion for farms, local food, and small […]

A Guide to Quality Produce Grown in PA

This publication is designed to assist you in purchasing fresh quality produce at the peak of its season. This guide lists uses, how to select best quality, storage tips, and nutrition labels. Click here to download the PDF

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