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“Are You Crazy?!” Visiting Markets in Transition

Each year I host a bus tour of retail farm markets called the “Are You Crazy?! Retail Farm Market Bus Tour. We pick a region and visit markets over a one or two day period at the height of the season (that’s why it’s called “Are You Crazy”). All the folks on the bus own […]

“Market Minute” – Dupont Circle Farmers Market

Anchor Vendors: Who Are They

Disaster Resources

The Farmers Market Coalition has resources to help prepare and recover from weather events.

Washington State Farmers Market Manual


Marketing the Market


Managing Small Urban Farmers Markets


Understanding Consumer Behavior at Farmers Markets


A General Guide to Pricing for Direct Farm Marketers and Value-Added Agricultural Entrepreneurs

Establishing product prices is a challenge for most direct farm marketers and value-added agricultural entrepreneurs. Producers often base prices on a single factor or resort to the equivalent of picking a price out of a hat. Yet pricing is an important decision that directly impacts the potential of the business to meet goals and ultimately […]

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