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 "Market Matters" Newsletter:
July 2016 - Volume 1 Issue 9:
  Farmers Market Coalition Helps Markets Prepare for National Farmers Market Week
Reaching Those Who Don't Yet Shop At Our Market
June 2016 - Volume 1 Issue 8:
  Farmers' Market Friendly Laws Can Be Trumped By Health Boards
SNAP Outreach and Promotion
May 2016 - Volume 1 Issue 7:
  "In Market" Getting Ready For the Farmers Market Season
Selling Successfully at a Farmers Market
April 2016 - Volume 1 Issue 6:
  Preparing for Opening Day
Organizational Details: Misson Statement
February 2016 - Volume 1 Issue 5:
  The Manager as Goal Setter
Developing the Vision and Direction for Your Market
January 2016 - Volume 1 Issue 4:
  Choosing the Best Business Model for Today's Farmers Market
Farmers' Market Customer Counts: How & Why
December 2015 - Volume 1 Issue 3:
  Winter Markets
Consumers Rank Local Produce High
November 2015 - Volume 1 Issue 2:
  Recruiting Producers
Fundraising To Support Your Market
October 2015 - Volume 1 Issue 1:
  Top 10 Strategies for Farmers Market Vendors
Tips for Creating Effective Market Rules



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