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A Word About CSA's:

Community-supported agriculture (CSA) is a concept designed to encourage relationships between consumers and growers and for consumers to become more knowledgeable about the way their food is grown. A CSA involves consumers who support a farmer financially by paying for a share of the farm's production prior to each growing season. CSAs range from smaller operations with three to twenty members to larger CSAs with hundreds of members or subscribers. Some CSA's have pick-up locations at one or more spots in the community in addition to, or in lieu of pick up at the farm.

The benefit to the consumer is the opportunity to obtain fresh, local produce, meats, eggs, and more from farmers in their communities. A CSA addresses the concern that the average distance that food travels from farm to consumer in the United States is approximately 1,300 miles. Another advantage of obtaining food locally is that the money stays within the local community.

The CSA arrangement allows farmers to buy the seeds, transplants, and other things they need for the growing season, and pay their farm labor without waiting until harvest to generate revenue. Farmers can develop a long-term relationship with their members, one that may encourage members to support farmers by renewing their memberships each year.

Penn State Extension has developed a searchable CSA map of Pennsylvania.
If you log in to Google you will get a search box, enter your address in the search box to find a CSA near you.
When you click on a green bubble in the map the data about the CSA will pop up.
The map will be updated as we add more CSA's.*
We will also be adding CSA's in New Jersey & Maryland.

Click here to view the interactive Google map:

Note: the category "Specialty Items" includes such things as: nuts, other protein sources, honey, syrup, beeswax, preserves, soap, flour, cider, coffee, tea, popcorn, hay, manure, firewood, bedding pants, Christmas wreaths, etc. We suggest you call the CSA or check their website for more detailed product and availability information.

Some other sources for finding CSA's in your community include:

  • Buy Fresh Buy Local Greater Lehigh Valley:
  • Buy Fresh Buy Local Pennsylvania:
  • Local Harvest:
  • Farmer's Pal:
  • Some farmers do not advertise, so try asking at your local Farmer's Market
  • Ag Map: - search for CSA
  • Farm to City:

Attention CSA'sif you would like to be added to this listing, please click here for the registration form. This form is an on-line form

*Although there are in excess of 290 farms listed, we are still accepting additional CSA's throughout Pennsylvania to add
to this map. If you know of any CSA's that would like to be added to this list, have them contact us using the registration
form or they can e-mail us at .


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