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Download PAFARM's consumer education brochure.
You can add information about your farm market and distribute it to your customers.(PDF) 566k


Get to know where your food
comes from.
Local food
tastes better because it's fresher. It comes straight from the farm to your family.
Local food
is a better value. You are getting quality, freshness, nutrition and taste. There is nothing between you and where your food is grown.
Some Locally
grown food is only available during a short season and has a flavor all its own. And thereÕs nothing like the taste of locally grown.
Buying local
farm products keeps your dollars in your community, helps maintain open space, provides wildlife habitat, allows for ground water recharge and supports family farmers.
Pennsylvania farmers are known for their environmentally sound growing practices-crop rotations, cover crops, contour strips, selected varieties and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) are some of the methods used to provide our safe, abundant, local farm products.

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