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The PaFarm web site helps consumers find Farm Markets, provides direct communication to the association for members and aids the search for products and services important to our industry. - All PaFarm members are listed on the world wide web. Members with email or web sites receive a free hotlink to their electronic address. provides electronic access to the Pennsylvania Retail Farm Market Association.

Why Belong?
The mission
The mission of the Pennsylvania Retail Farm Market Association, Inc. is to benefit members through education, communication, cooperation and promotion of Pennsylvania Direct to Consumer Agricultural Marketing.
Education: To Broaden Your Scope of Knowledge
  • The five state Mid Atlantic Direct Marketing Conference (MADMC) and Trade Show is held annually. As a member you have input into the planning process and have the opportunity to attend.
  • Twilight Meetings are held regionally to help you keep current and to offer you an educational experience close to home.
  • “Are You Crazy” bus tour is held each year. Seeing other businesses is the best way to improve your facility and services.
Communication: To Assist in Dealing With the Public
  • Quarterly newsletter will keep you up to date on industry happenings.
  • The PAFarm information-packed website lists your business and is a valuable marketing tool to consumers. You may also link to your own website. Check it out at
Cooperation: To Help Keep You Current on Your Industry
  • PAFarm is the centralized voice for all Retail Farm Market issues, keeping tabs on governmental regulations as well as marketing initiatives and public policy.
  • Networking with others in your industry is exceptional.
Promotion: To Assist in Bringing the Consumer to Your Business
  • PAFarm is working with the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture to promote Agri-Tourism.
  • PAFarm encourages the Department of Ag in the publication of the Consumer Guide. 12,500 of these guides are printed yearly
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